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The "Amazing Slowdowner" allows you to slow down any CD without changing the pitch, Or if the CD is recorded in Eb or any other key you can adjust so as to be able to play along. As far as I know you can download for free and play the first track on any CD to try it out. If you like it then you pay and he gives you a code to unlock to programme. (submitted by Mary Marrinan) 
View old music, (Ceol Cartlann )sport or other programs from TG4.
The ultimate guide to the Tin Whistle is how the site bills itself. But, it's crowning glory is a vast message board with more than 600,000 articles and loads of forums haunted by devotees of pipes, fiddles, whistles, accordions and the like. You can spend months in this site, following posts to YouTube videos of sessions, discussions about the intricacies of reeds and lively insights into Trad music. (Highly recommended by David Power)
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Comhaltas Craobh na gComarach is dedicated to the promotion of all forms of traditional Irish culture. The group's particular emphasis is education of the young generation. We are based in the townsland of Cúl na Smear in the smallest parish in Waterford about 6 miles North-East of Dungarvan.

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Comeraghs Comhaltas 
Craobh na gComarach

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