The Conneries

The Archaeological Dig At The Conneries Site

August 2006 - The Site in its wild state. For decades it was used as a dumping area. Tony Doolin of Eactra Archaeological Services came out to have a look and suggest a plan of action. The wild state of the place was lovely, but brambly and prickly. The "wall" along the front was composed of dumpings. The interior was also full of extraneous materials.

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The Connery's Commemorative Garden, Bohadoon

The story of the Connery Brothers - rogues or heroes depending on your viewpoint, is the stuff of which great ballads are made. Three contemporary songs, written about the brothers' exploits in the 1830's have survived to this day - one of which, "Na Conneries" slow air, is very popular and played all over the country.

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The Conneries: Heroic Villains?

D.F. Ó Gráda 

in the Comhaltas Magazine "Treoir" 
Iml 20, Uimhir 2 1988 41SSN 0790-004X
In Ireland the period before the Great Famine was in many respects one of modernization and radical structural change. Though traditional industry languished, agricultural and communications made great strides; and despite commercial crises and food shortages - from time to time, the lot of many unproved between 1800 and 1845. For the landless and the semi-landless and the structurally unemployed, however, these were years of increasing hardship, as travellers' accounts and official inquiries amply testify. The period was also one of sporadic violence and resistance, of faction fighting and of transportation. Almost six hundred policemen were killed or wounded hi suppressing secret societies in the twenty years before the Famine.

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